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Rani Biography, Pictures and Videos

Rani Biography
Rani was a Pakistani film and television actress. She was born on December 8, 1946 – May 27, 1993.She gained success in late 1960s when she made a hit pair with famous actor and producer Waheed Murad. She remained one of the most successful actresses of subcontinent and was popular in dance performances also. Rani died with cancer on May 27, 1993.
Rani was born on December 8, 1946 as Nasira Sarfraz in Mozang, Lahore. Her Arain father was a driver for Mukhtar Begum, a singer and the wife of Agha Hashar Kashmiri, a well-known Urdu dramatist. Mukhtar Begum took over Rani for proper upbringing. Mukhtar Begum settled in Karachi and wanted Rani to follow, but Rani's voice was not suitable as singer. Rani was interested in dancing and later performed in her films. Mukhtar Begum suggested the stage name Rani; she would also later give Noor Jehan her screen name from Allah Wasai.
Rani acted in both Urdu and Punjabi films and was a film heroine in Pakistani films. In 1962 Anwar Kamal Pasha, a veteran film director of the 50's and 60's, gave Rani her first role in the film Mehboob. For several years after Mehoob Rani appeared in supporting roles in films like Mouj Maila, Ek Tera Sahara and Safaid Khoon. Until 1965 she starred in other films, but when they flopped she was films she was dubbed a jinxed actress.
However, after the success of Hazar Dastan and Dever Bhabi, Rani became a leading actress. Some of her more notable films are Chann Makhna, Sajjan Pyara, Jind Jan, Duniya Matlib Di, Anjuman, Tehzeeb, Umrao Jan Ada, Naag Muuni, Seeta Mariam Margaret and Ik Gunah Aur Sahi. She also acted in two TV serials Khowahish and Faraib in the early 90's. Rani died of cancer at the age of 46 in Karachi.


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